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Mailled to Order is a custom design jewelry and accessories company that is based in the Mid-Atlantic region with the intention of providing locally made quality jewelry and accessories to the region and global market.

Mailled to Order's focus is on providing personalized jewelry and personal accessories at a reasonable cost in a personable manner with the goal of cultivating repeat customers through quality work and excellent customer service.
As a small company, we have very close communications and rapid response to customers and store owners.  As a custom-order business, we focus on the customer's ability to choose from a wide range of metals, from hypo-allergenic niobium to titanium and rose gold, or aluminum at the lower cost-end.  You can also choose hook styles, clasps and keychains styles.  We also offer a lifetime warranty against reasonable damage and adjustments as needed.  I have been creating jewelry for over 15 years and in particular, chainmaille jewelry for over 6 years.