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1) What is chainmaille?

Even though what I make may not resemble armor, the weaves do trace their lineage back to various warriors, be it European, Persian or Asian.  Alas, I am weak and not historically inclined, and so the story and armor connection end there.  But in my desire to learn new jewelry techniques, I found the weaves that have evolved and am able to craft and offer you these unique pieces.

2) How do I clean my jewelry?

For silver and gold-fill, there are many commercial cleaners that do an excellent job.  Stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and niobium do not tarnish, so the most you will ever need to do is wash them with some Dawn dish soap to polish them up.  For copper or bronze, I recommend lemon juice, vinegar or dish soap with a good scrubbing to bring back their original shine.

3) Why don't you use Ebay?

To quote a fellow mailler:
"For one, I already use Paypal and the idea of paying the same company twice bothers me, especially considering the extremely high fees they charge. In particular, the clothing and jewelry sections are glutted with thousands of listings, many of which are mass-produced junk. The relatively small percentage of quality goods isn't even seen because they are buried behind sometimes hundreds of new listings daily."

4) What is your return policy?

If a piece does not meet your expectations or arrives damaged, you can return it within 14 days of receipt of shipment.  Just send me an email and once I have it, I will issue your refund.

5) Repair Policy

I offer a lifetime policy on reasonable repairs.  I also can lengthen or shorten chains up to 1.5" with no addition to the purchase price.